Our Mission

We are razor focused on tackling the challenges in transitioning to a zero-emissions mobility future. We are addressing these challenges using a whole system design thinking approach and breaking down the problem into inter-related categories:

  1. Connected mobility platform: A platform that connects all the stakeholders in the Electric Vehicle (EV) / Hydrogen Fuel Cell EV (HFCEV) public, shared, fleets, first mile - last mile, material and micro-mobility.
  2. Energy delivery platform: The design of a resilient energy delivery system that is always available and accessible to provide the seamless connectivity needed for adoption of zero emissions mobility. The energy delivery platforms for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (HFCEV) require consideration of their individual energy sources, delivery infrastructure, dispensing protocols and standards.
  3. Carbon neutral to carbon zero energy: Enabling the transition to carbon-free sources for powering batteries and generating Hydrogen is vital. Using renewable energy to split water for producing clean Hydrogen has brought down the cost of Hydrogen. On a similar note, renewable DER’s are penetrating rapidly to power EV charging infrastructure.
  4. Behavior change: A change in consumer behavior is needed to transition to low carbon shared mobility from fossil-fuel based private mobility. Faster the adoption of low carbon shared mobility, faster the transition towards a true market that promotes zero emissions.

Our Motivation

Our deep concern and commitment to reverse the negative impacts of climate change is our primary motivation. The rising toll to not just human health but to all living beings requires immediate corrective action. The alarm bells have been sounding for more than a couple of decades and sadly not enough is being done to address it with the urgency needed.

Fortunately, there are a number of technologies, market, policy and consumer synergies that are coming together, thanks to the tireless effort of many institutions and people globally. Specifically, in the mobility sector, (the second biggest emitter), the advent of ride-hailing and vehicle sharing platforms, connected vehicles and related infrastructure, dropping battery costs, availability of fast charging stations, dropping hydrogen fuel cell costs are exploitable, disruptive, and synergistic forces.

Our Approach

Spotimyze Energy is focused on helping India with its mission towards achieving an emissions free mobility future. A diversified carbon free energy strategy is needed to power India’s burgeoning congestion related pollution arising from its growing appetite for private mobility. This will need a multi-fuel diversified approach and related clean mobility technologies. Eleven of the G20 nations have announced Hydrogen Mobility targets. Clean Hydrogen generation from renewable power and via carbon free generation loops combined with carbon sequestration will need to be part of India’s fuel strategy. Without consideration for a targeted strategy in Hydrogen mobility, India is vulnerable to not just meeting its emissions targets, but in falling behind in its ability to develop a domestic Hydrogen Fuel Cell Industry. The applications of Hydrogen Fuel cells in public transportation, private fleet mobility, micro-mobility and material mobility is gaining market share.

We are bringing our collective expertise as cleantech professionals and renewable energy experts to help India in this enormous transition by designing the architecture of the fueling systems needed to power EV and HFCEV Mobility. This includes designing and staging pilots to prove the feasibility of economically viable alternate clean mobility, such as Hydrogen Fuel cells, in public and personal mobility. We are doing this by bringing together a consortium of related technology providers in Fuel Cells, Hydrogen Dispensing Systems, Hydrogen Auto-OEM’s and Hydrogen Suppliers.

Our Product – Orchid

Orchid is a deep-tech connected mobility platform being built on open design principles. The founding principle guiding the evolution of Orchid as an open platform is that it will allow for stakeholders in the mobility ecosystem to come together, collaborate and develop innovative, immersive and engaging solutions. The outcome for beneficiaries is the seamless transition to a connected clean mobility future, for which a collective conscious involvement and engagement towards the adoption of clean technologies is essential.

Self Learning Algorithms

Self learning algorithms for dynamic pricing, mobility demand prediction, spatial fleet allocation recommen-dation, intelligent charging management.
EV Charging

Digitization of EV / HFCEV charging / refueling with connected mobility and smart energy delivery solutions.
Mobility Apps

Mobility Apps to connect e-mobility stakeholders with EV infrastructure hosts on the Spotimyze Energy network through a trusted platform.
API Interface

A rich API interface to integrate with MaaS service platforms

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